Why choose us?


♦ We love taking people where no one have been

♦ We set ourselves apart from the conventional mass tourism immersing in the local cultures, always discovering and learning new things about Tanzania and its diverse ethnography.

♦ We love freedom when it comes to traveling, therefore we never impose strict itineraries and are always open to suggestions and discussions before finalizing the travel plan.

♦ Nothing is impossible for us, we have access to the most remote places, and even in the unlikely case of not knowing how to access a certain place, our team of indigenous guides is always here to take on the lead and share their invaluable knowledge.

♦ We never rush during Safaris and always let our clients take their time and enjoy the beauty, stop where they want to stop, see what they want to see and find what they want to find.

♦ We deeply care for the environment and communities where we operate, always giving back for welcoming our clients.

♦ We support sustainable and responsible tourism.

♦ We provide 24/7 assistance to each and every person who travels with us because we care about our clients and want them to be safe.


Our philosophy


The Image of Africa was born from the strong passion for traveling and exploring the undiscovered routes of Tanzania with the philosophy of transcending cultural barriers. That’s why we focus on taking our guests to a world where old traditions still exist so they are able to experience life in close connection to nature. We believe that this profound and life-changing experience can alter the way of looking at the world. Therefore we encourage our travelers to have genuine experiences with sustainable practices and the highest quality standards.

Who we are?


This company is a result of dreams and hard work. Godfrey Barongo the co-founder and product manager started this path 15 years ago as a safari guide, after some time of intense work he managed to buy a car with the idea of founding his own travel company, a company that would be different from everyone else sharing all the experience he had gained. These goals started to concrete when he met Antonina, the other co-founder and CEO of the company. Antonina is a photographer, her passion and work lead her to discover breath-taking places and live together with some of the most remote communities in the world. The Image of Africa started when these two people met in Tanzania and decided that their journey together was about to begin.

Our team


We have managed to build a team of dedicated professionals whose personal experience combined together has become our biggest asset to date. We cherish and hold it tight to our hearts so we can share all of it with you. We are a local company based in Tanzania, but our team consists of people from three different continents, there are no boundaries and we treat everyone as equals. Our guides are qualified expert guides born and raised in Tanzania with experience ranging from 15 to 30 years! We believe in the power of human connection and the connection to nature and want to bring this passion to you.