Explore the cultural diversity of Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

There are over 120 ethnic groups on the Tanzanian mainland, from the tall graceful Maasai warriors, the ancient unique Hadza bushmen, the resourceful agricultural practices of the Wameru and Sonjo people, the artistic talents of the Makonde to the Chaga farmers and traders.

The Image of Africa has been developing the intimate connections with the remote indigenous tribes to be able to introduce their lives and cultures to you in the most authentic way.

We take our guests to the tribal ceremonies in the remote parts of the Northern and Central Tanzania to observe the cultures from within.

Our routes are completely unique and every single trip is one of a kind.

This is the life changing experience that will stay with you forever!


♦ With less than 800 of the population remaining, visiting Hadzabe people is one of the most special experiences you can have in Africa.

♦ Genetically, the Hadza are not closely related to any other people. They survive by hunting their food with hand-made bows and arrows and foraging for edible plants, and up to this day they remain an important study focus for anthropologists, as they represent a modern link to ways of human existence and survival largely abandoned by most of humanity.

♦ We provide access to this remote and isolated tribe to not only give you an opportunity to observe their daily life and the important ceremonies and events, but also join them in their usual activities during the day – the hunting, fetching water, gathering plants, routes and wild honey. Whether you want to stay for one day or a week, we give you all much needed guidance, knowledge and care.

♦ The connection with these remarkable people will change your ways of looking at today’s world and society, it will inspire you, it will make you think and it will give you the valuable insight into a completely different way of life that you never knew before.


♦ The Maasai are extraordinary people whose culture has lasted for decades without any change.

♦ They inhabit the African Great Lakes region and arrived to Tanzania via the South Sudan. The pastoral Maasai are fully nomadic, wandering in bands throughout the year and subsisting entirely on the meat, blood, and milk of their herds. 

♦ Their unique rituals, belief and attire cannot be compared or seen anywhere in the world! We have formed close connections with the remote Maasai villages who have never been visited by tourists therefore representing the authentic ways of life carried through generations. Our clients are never called tourists but they’re guests warmly welcomed by families to share the celebrations and other meaningful life events.

♦ We accept all kinds of requests when it comes to the in-depth immersion into the culture, carefully tailoring the experience to suit the interest – whether it is visiting a village, a family, a ceremony or a local market – we cover it all with care both for communities and our clients.


♦ The Datoga is relatively unknown tribe for most of those who visit Tanzania.

♦ They inhabit a very small area close to lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania. The isolation from other tribes helps them to preserve their culture and traditions to its maximum.

♦ They are skilled blacksmiths and make arrow tips and other objects that they barter with the Hadza in exchange for honey and animal hide. Their handmade brass bracelets, neckpieces, rings, and anklets, are highly sought after by both neighboring tribes and visiting collectors. The final product is so delicately honed as to seem made by a machine and can truly be compared to the work of an artist. 

♦ It is truly amazing to witness their craftsmen in action and watch the old ways of creating fantastic objects from fire-forged scrap; to see how women work on tribal decoration and even to try on their beautifully beaded leather skirts. We give access to all of these activities due to our long-formed relationship with the tribe.

♦ The Datoga people descend from populations of the Nilotic strain who settled in Northern Tanzania over 3000 years ago from Ethiopia and South Sudan. They practice witchcraft, divination, rain-making, and sorcery; a feature which makes them unique. Upon request, the access to all of those special events can be organized with our team of expert guide and interpreter. 



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