This trip was an amazing and authentic way to experience Tanzania. Antonina and her team provided immersive cultural experiences so far off the beaten path, it sometimes felt like a dream. We camped alongside remote tribes that were warm and welcoming, photographed spectacular Serengeti landscapes, walked with Giraffes, watched Cheetahs feed their cubs, hiked the Ngorogoro Crater, and flew over the Lengai Volcano in Lake Natron. The entire team was very accommodating and responsive to any requests we had and our guide Chotara was a gem - one of the best trip guides I’ve ever had!


Delray Beach, Florida


Truly an amazing experience. Antonina was responsive from the very beginning. Our guide was beyond experienced, kind, capable and accommodating. I’m going back!


Sebastopol, California


Had an amazing time on this safari. Our guide Chotara was very knowledgeable and excited to answer all of our questions. We saw every animal imaginable. The trip of a lifetime.


I spent 4 weeks travelling with The Image of Africa, all around Tanzania and everything was spectacular. Camping in the middle of Serengeti or visitng remote tribes, hiking up craters or spotting cheetahs in action, all one epic adventure.

Also, they helped me organize my expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro, one of the world 7 summits. We made it to the top and had so much fun with my crew.

Asante Sana!

Didier C

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


I went on this cultural and photographic tour and it was amazing. You really can not put into words what its like to spend time with other cultures that are so different from your own never mind ones that most people will never see or even hear about. The wildlife as well is not like anything you will ever see unless you live in Africa (and going to the zoo does not count). This is how I felt the entire trip. Is there any way to convey what you are seeing and doing to others who are not there? The answer is simply no not even a chance. The best you can do is try and we will with the pictures we took and the stories we shared with the new people we met. The only thing I can say is if you have the chance GO!!! The Image of Africa set up an amazing itinerary that is unlike any other you are are likely to find in this part of Africa. We saw everything from local villagers and their homes to open landscapes of the Serengetti to rainforest and everything in between. Many thanks to The Image of Africa it was one for a lifetime.

Joshua Harde

United States


Over a long weekend, I had the opportunity to see a traditional Sukuma wedding.
This very remote tribe with discreet facial tattoos lives deep in the bush so the travel time to the final destination was long, but it was worth it.
We had so many special moments, my favourite being the dances. The traditional clothing was really fascinating and the choreography totally mesmerising.
It was a unique experience that I will definitely never forget.
A big thank you to Antonina for all the preparations and Momoya for his great translations, explanations and hospitality !

Pineau Marie



Nous avons adoré notre séjour en tanzanie organisé par theimageofafrica.
Un séjour personnalisé sur nos envies, notre budget, réalisé avec beaucoup de professionnalisme, de gentillesse, d'ecoute pour nous satisfaire (et ce quelques soit les imprévus).
Nous avons pu juste nous laisser porter et profiter de notre voyage.
Je recommande vivement cette agence pour un séjour privé personnalisé.

Stephanie Laclau



Hope to see you soon!