Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania

Cultural Exploration of Northern Tanzania








This route is aimed at introducing you to the ethnic groups that inhabit the remote lands outside of the main tourist route. Tanzania is rich in cultural heritage and every tribe has its language, history and traditions. Our goal is to provide you with the unique experience of cultural immersion by integrating into indigenous tribes, interacting with local people and seeking to understand the way the local people live. On this trip we will focus on the tribes of Irangi, Iraqw and Sandawe. 

During your visit to the tribes, we provide comfortable camping facilities for spending the nights next to the remote settlements to be able to participate in the morning and evening activities of the people as well as any festivities, ceremonies and/or rituals that they may have during your stay. 

The end of the trip is marked by a safari in Tarangire National Park with its large herds of elephants, and a quite significant number of lions, giraffes, wildebeest, zebra and cheetahs. A perfect end to a memorable journey!

Throughout your trip, you will be traveling in a private safari vehicle and will be accompanied by one of our professional expert guides. In the villages, our indigenous guides will be here to help you with smooth communication between you and the tribes providing you with all the necessary knowledge about your hosting communities.

This tour will be perfect for curious, open-minded and adventurous travelers and for those who feel comfortable camping and sleeping in tents and/or in local guesthouses with basic facilities. Although we are dedicated to making the camping as comfortable as possible providing hot showers and toilet facilities in the remote areas, the comforts of such a camp are still not comparable to the ones of a fully equipped lodge. 

This tour is focused on intimate cultural interactions, therefore in order to not overwhelm the people who will welcome us in their homes, the number of participants is limited to 6.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to your lodge in Arusha before your trip begins the following day. Upon arrival at the lodge, a member of our team will meet you for a briefing and Q&A relating to your safari.

Approximately 3 hours of driving to Babati for a lunch break and canoe ride before proceeding to Kondoa. After lunch break, drive another 2 hours to get to Kondoa. Enjoy diverse landscapes and an incredible variety of trees - gigantic mango trees, baobab trees, famous ‘Christmas trees’ with bright colored flowers, an incredible variety of acacias, and sisal. Make a stop at a guest house in Kondoa followed by a dinner in Kondoa town observing the nightlife of the local population.

Drive to Kolo village to visit rock painting sites that are believed to be done by the Sandawe hunter-gatherer tribe. After visiting the historical site and the museum, drive through rural areas to a remote Irangi tribe village. Enjoy the cultural exchange with local people - kids, adults and elders and stay a night hosted by a local Irangi family. Cozy bed and breakfast are provided with amenities of local standard (be ready for a warm bucket shower).

The Kondoa rock art is a series of ancient paintings on the rock formations in Central Tanzania. Red elongated people, giraffes, hunting scenes - these are just some of the subjects of the little-known UNESCO world heritage site. The paintings (approximately 1500 years old) are believed to be done by hunter-gatherers of the Sandawe tribe. From the hills, we will enjoy the Kondoa region from above and will hear the stories about the rock sites from the local guide and then go down the hill to make the tour to one of the seasonal rivers of Kolo to see the local people fetching water from under the sand.
The experience will take you to meet the local people on your way doing their daily activities. After that, we will proceed to one of the remote Irangi tribe villages near Kolo for a delicious local lunch. The Irangi tribe is the ethnic group of Kondoa. The people in remote villages usually are extremely curious about guests, they're not used to them at all. Our local guide will also be your translator so you can talk and discuss your experience with the host family.

Spend half a day with the Irangi family in the remote Kondoa, or extend your visit for another day or two (up to you). After saying goodbye to your Irangi host family, be ready to drive to Katesh town for dinner and rest.

Katesh lies at the base of Mt. Hanang, a presence that dominates the entire region. Often circled by a ring of clouds, it is referred to by the local indigenous people as the white necklace. Its other claim to fame is the complete absence of wazungus (tourists) except for the occasional stray hiker. Mount Hanang is a mountain in Tanzania. The peak has an elevation of 3,420 m above sea level. It is (after Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mount Loolmalasin) the fourth-highest mountain in Tanzania. The path to the summit starts in Katesh.

Morning tour around Katesh town visiting the local market and then drive to the remote Sandawe Tribe visit for the day and overnight camping with the tribe. Sandawe - are hunter-gatherers and the descendants of Sun people, the original people of Africa. Visiting this group and spending time with them adds incredible value to this trip! Sandawe - is a small group living in North-Central Tanzania in the Kondoa district and is considered a tribe in extinction. They are genetically different from the surrounding tribes. The Sandawe language includes click sounds and is unrelated to other languages around them, which makes it very difficult to learn. They love singing, dancing, and telling stories, they worship the moon and stars, and they practice witchcraft.

After a leisurely breakfast, be ready for a 3-hour drive to Mbulu with a lunch break on the way. Arrive at a remote village on the outskirts of Mbulu town to visit your host family of Iraqw Tribe and spend the rest of the day with them. Enjoy the traditional festivity night, singing and dancing.

Mbulu town is inhabited by Iraqw tribes and is the core of the Iraqw people, who speak a Cushitic language. Iraqw are an agro-pastoral people. No comprehensive ethnography has been written to date about them, although various aspects of their culture have been studied by anthropologists. While it is not exactly known when the Iraqw came to Tanzania, there are an estimated 200 clans of Iraqw tribes living today that have blended together with a magnificent group of people and cultures over history!

From Mbulu drive to Tarangire National Park with approximately 3 hours on the rough road. Arrive to Tarangire in the late afternoon and enjoy a sunset in the park in a classic safari-tented camp.

Tarangire is truly one of the best parks in Tanzania. The dry season (June to October) is the most exciting month for wildlife viewing when the animals gather at water points around the park making it easy to spot them. During your safari in the park, you may see the large herds of elephants, some giraffes, buffalos, dik-diks, zebras, and of course the big cats! The scenery in Tarangire consists of acacia woodland, baobab trees, and savannah grassland.

Morning game drive before driving back to Arusha for dinner and rest.

End of arrangements.

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